Update: ToolTip, The Future Of The Blog and An Upcoming Article!

Hey everyone! So, you may have noticed a slight update to the opinion pieces, specifically the changing to the name ToolTip. From here on out, any opinion pieces will go into my article series, ToolTip, a category of articles about my opinions on some of the latest gaming and technology news. I’ve also increased the image sizes across all of my articles to make them look in line with the rest of the text and big enough to see clearly.

I’ve also decided that, in the future at some point, I’m going to try and put this blog on it’s own domain as I want it to be its own separate entity, rather than having the’.wordpress’ part attached to the URL. When that time comes (i.e. when i’ve built up the fan base/my reputation to the point where I feel a steady stream of people are at least looking at the blog on a regular basis), I may put Google Advertising to use and start advertising the blog through Google Adwords. I may also put ads on the blog itself, just so I have a (although miniscule) revenue coming into me to give me another motivation to keep writing these articles, although the dullness of writing articles hasn’t came yet, so I feel that’s still a while off.

Also, there’s should be a new article coming out over this weekend will be a ToolTip article on YouTube!

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