Predictions: WWE Money in the Bank 2015

Money in the Bank: That PPV where I always confuse its theme with Shane McMahon’s before I remember that he left Wrestling to go run a company in China or something along those lines. With the PPV being only two days away and the full match list finally being unveiled, I though I’d give predicting the outcomes to each matches a go, as someone who only watches the Network (since without Sky, you literally can’t watch Raw or Smackdown in full in the UK legally) and who’s only recently got back into wrestling just after Wrestlemania 31 from a 6 year break, thanks to the god awful Lawler vs Cole feud. So, let’s begin shall we:

R-Truth Vs. King Barrett (Kickoff Match) – Barrett Wins By Pinfall

R-Truth Vs. King Barrett

I imagine the WWE creative team literally thought up this match about 2 or 3 days before Smackdown, because they had nothing else to fill the kickoff show with. From what I can gather (again, I don’t have full access to Raw and Smackdown, so it’s likely I missed something), this match was spurred on thanks to Truth trying on Barrett’s robe and crown during his match with Jack Swagger last Thursday on Smackdown, which almost cost him the match. In an exclusive interview on later that day however, it was revealed that Truth has ‘soiled’ the royal robe with his sweat, meaning Barrett was no longer willing to wear it and gave it to the interviewer, JoJo.

Honestly, I really can’t give a reason why Truth nor Barrett would win over the other due to the fact that they is zero background to this storyline so I’m just gonna take a guess at King Barrett hitting the Royal Bullhammer ‘out of nowhere’ and winning by pinfall.

John Cena Vs. Kevin Owens – Cena Wins by Submission OR Cena Wins by DQ

Cena Vs. Owens

When Owens won his match against Cena at Elimination Chamber (which was one of the best wrestling matches I have ever seen, by the way), I was literally jumping out of my bed. Of course, it was about 3am and people were asleep in the very next room so it was a very silent celebration. Regardless, it seems the creatives are giving Owens an insane push in the main roster by beating Cena, currently the best superstar on the roster in a similar way to how they did it with Paige early last year. In her debut match, she not only beat AJ Lee, the best Diva on the roster at the time, but also won the Divas Championship from AJ in her first match and look where Paige is now, she’s one of (if not, the) most popular Divas on the roster currently.

I very highly doubt that Owens will win this match, unless the creatives are literally planning to push Owens to the bloody moon so Cena will win this. As for the way he’ll win, I imagine he’ll probably lock in the STF and make Owens tap, due to the whole promo that happened last Raw where Cena defined Owens life as ‘Never Give Up’ and Cena will want to test that definition…That, and I think we’ve had a bit too many Attitude Adjustment Pinfall victories as of late. Of course, I expected Cena to win at Payback, so I could very likely be wrong. Another way Cena could win could be by DQ. Owens could go a bit too far in attacking Cena, hit him with a chair and that’s that, although I feel that doesn’t really work with Owens whole “Role model father” angle, so I wouldn’t count on that being the finish.

Nikki Bella Vs. Paige (Divas Championship Match) – Nikki retains the Championship by Pinfall

Nikki Vs. Paige

Speaking of Paige, she’s set to have another match against Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship at Money in the Bank after losing the Triple Threat match for the championship at Payback. Nikki has held the championship for some time now (since Survivor Series last year) but I don’t think she’s going to lose it to Paige, as doing so would make her tied as the Diva with the most amount of Divas Championship gains at 3, a record currently held by both Eve Torres and AJ Lee.

Nikki will probably retain the championship with a Rack Attack and get a pinfall victory but if she faces a different opponent at Summerslam (Natalya or hell, even Brie), she’ll lose it then. Don’t get me wrong, I think Paige is the best Diva currently on the main roster (not counting NXT) but I don’t think the creatives are going to give her that big of a push again by having her look as strong as AJ in the space of about a year since her debut.

Ryback Vs. Big Show (Intercontinental Championship Match) – Ryback retains the Championship by Pinfall


Let’s be frank, the Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber match at Elimination Chamber was the worst match of that night. It was a very slow and unenjoyable match, and the fact that I heard Dolph shout “CLOTHESLINE ME!” to Ryback just killed my enjoyment of that match. Ryback is shaping up to be a good Intercontinental champion though, consider he was able to bloody Shell-shock Big Show last Thursday.

It’s just obvious that they’re not going to have Ryback lose the championship to someone like Big Show, especially after winning it at such a gruelling match as the Elimination Chamber. So Ryback will probably shell-shock Big Show and retain the championship.

The New Day Vs. The Prime Time Players (WWE Tag Team Championship Match) – The New Day retains the Championship by Pinfall

New Day Vs. Prime Time Players

You know, I’ve never really pictured Kofi as a heel but somehow the creatives have done his heel turn in a way that works, surprisingly well at that. His teammates, Big E and Xavier, have never really been great singles competitors in my opinion, so putting them in a tag team with someone as experienced as Kofi was a great move on the Creative team’ part. I will also say however, that a large part of The New Day’s success has to come down to Xavier’s audience interaction. The chant “New Day Sucks!” is something that was purely audience generated in the heat of the moment and has stuck with the group ever since, which makes it all the more fun since fans can happily boo the group with a great chant all the while.

The New Day will retain with either a Big Ending or Trouble in Paradise and a pinfall, since I don’t really see Titus nor Darren as championship material. The New Day are a very popular heel group right now so why take away the championships from them when they’re in their prime?

Seth Rollins Vs. Dean Ambrose (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match) – Ambrose wins the Championship by Pinfall OR Rollins retains the Championship by Pinfall

Dean Ambrose Vs. Seth Rollins

You know, if I had to pick the two people that I’ve enjoyed the most since my return to wrestling, it would be Rollins and Ambrose. Rollins is the perfect slimey heel character who never wins cleanly and Dean is just your lovable psychopath (who is somehow a face after being arrested and then stealing the police van for himself and driving it back into the arena), which makes for a very entertaining rivalry. It makes me sad that I missed their Shield days as I really like Roman as well but it’s likely that they’ll reform at some point, even temporarily.

Ambrose winning (he did, no DQ bullsh*t will change my mind) at Elimination Chamber was another of those moments that made me jump out of my bed at 4am but then the Authority BS happened. Luckily though, Seth has gone it alone this time so they’ll be no trickery in this bout. Ambrose will probably hit Dirty Deeds and win via Pinfall, which will massively piss off the Authority and possibly even set off a Face turn for Seth. Possibly is the key word in that sentence.

Rollins could also retain the championship, to prove that he can win matches cleanly and isn’t just a slimy basta*d who relies on the Authority to get him out of bad situations. Although, I feel the WWE Universe want to see Ambrose win a little bit more, just because he’s Dean Ambrose.

Neville Vs. Sheamus Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Roman Reigns Vs. Kane Vs. Dolph Ziggler Vs. Kofi Kingston (Seven-Man Money in the Bank Ladder Match) – Kane OR Roman Wins by Grabbing the Briefcase

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The fact of the matter is, four out of the seven competitors in this match really have no real storyline reason to win the contract and those four would by Neville, Sheamus, Dolph and Kofi. Neville seems to be going into a slight rivalry with Kevin Owens after the Open NXT/US championship challenge last Monday so he’s already preoccupied storyline-wise, Sheamus just lost a match for the Intercontinental championship so I doubt we’ll see him winning it, Dolph is probably going to get involved in a storyline with Lana and Rusev so he’s already preoccupied and Kofi is already WWE Tag Team Champion and is currently inseparable with Big E and Xavier, so I doubt he’ll win it either.

So that leaves Roman, Kane and Orton. Orton could screw with the Authority with the contract, especially if Rollins retains the championship against Ambrose and goes back to the Authority after proving he can win without anyone’s help however he’s been a bit out of Authority storylines since Payback so maybe he’ll win and maybe we won’t.

Kane however, is the man I see winning it, especially if Ambrose wins the championship. The Authority could use that to their advantage and cash in on Ambrose at another PPV, which could continue the Ambrose and Reigns vs. The Authority storyline which could still branch into many different directions. For example it could pose the question of which side would Rollins take, will he rejoin The Shield or go back to his slimey ways?

If Rollins retains the championship, then it’s likely Roman will win Money in the Bank. Dean and Reigns could use that to their advantage to screw with the Authority, as they will try and get Rollins to rejoin them because of his championship. The ever-lurking thought that Roman could just cash-in Money in the Bank and basically screw up by Rollins and The Authority would be a very good storyline piece…Wink, wink (That means do it if Rollins retains, creatives).

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