Predictions: NXT Takeover: Dallas

One of NXT’s occasional Takeover PPVs is soon to be upon us, this time – Takeover: Dallas, which is looking to be the best NXT Takeover event since the concept’s inception. Despite the event only having six announced matches on its card, compared to WWE’s follow-up event, Wrestlemania 32’s eleven announced matches, Takeover: Dallas is still a serious contender to be the best wrestling show of the Wrestlemania weekend.

We’re set to see the NXT debut of two independent wrestling legends: Former TNA star, Austin Aries against the Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin and New Japan Pro Wrestling veteran, Shinsuke Nakamura, against NXT favourite, Sami Zayn. We’ll also see all three of NXT’s titles be defended at the event, with the current NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival taking on American Alpha, NXT Women’s Champion Bayley defending her title against Asuka and the reigning NXT Champion of 272 days, Finn Balor taking on Samoa Joe in a rematch from Takeover: London in December.

The way this article works is as follows: I’ll present the match and my prediction for its outcome, whether it be via pinfall, submission, disqualification (which will be abbreviated as DQ) etc. Then I’ll provide a paragraph on the build-up to the rivalry as well as some of my own personal thoughts and another on my prediction and my reasoning behind it.

Now that that’s out of the way,  here’s my prediction to what I believe will be the first match of the event:

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