Update: The Revival of User Interface!

Hey everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything here, which has been due to a number of reasons. Over the past few months, I’ve had a bit of burnout from writing and have taken the time to relax and purely enjoy both gaming and wrestling, rather than being overly analytical for some of the pieces I’ve written in the past. Another reason for my absence is due to WordPress Premium running out on my account and, as you’ll notice, resulting in the blog going back to its .wordpress.com domain, which is my own fault- For now, this is going to remain as is but I’m hoping in the future to regain my old domain!

So now that I’m back and very willing to start actively writing again, I want to change how I run things here, mainly to ensure I don’t get burned out from writing again but also to make sure the content I’m releasing is of a high and acceptable standard:

I will no longer be sticking to any sort of schedule when writing on this blog. In the past, I tried to stick to a regular schedule so there would always be new and fresh content that I could present. However, I’ve now realised that this is only making writing seem like a chore to me rather than a fun little side hobby that it is. Posts on this blog will now have no schedule and rather, will be posted when I feel like posting as I feel that method is what creates my highest quality pieces.

And that’s just about everything I wanted to update you all on! If you’ve read this and are disappointed at the lack of regular content, then don’t worry as you can visit Shout Out UK to see weekly gaming, wrestling and entertainment content on a multitude of formats, including reviews, opinion pieces and more! If you’re interested in non-article writing, then you can also check out my profile on the Yogscast Wiki on Wikia, where I am a co-leader for that wiki.

So thanks to everyone who has kept up-to-date with both this blog and my sporadic writing as of late and make sure to stay tuned to this blog for some kind of content soon and also, for those Yogscast Wiki Newsletter reuploads!

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