Yogscast Wiki Newsletter: June 2016 Edition

Hey everyone, and welcome to the June 2016 edition of the Yogscast Wiki Newsletter! As always, these newsletters are written and published by myself, ShadowAuraInnes, one of the Yogscast Wiki’s Bureaucrats.

After around 18 months of a hiatus, due to strong demand, the newsletter is back and will be released on a monthly basis covering the most important news from both the Yogscast and this very Wiki over the past month! I’ll typically be covering between 2-4 stories in each edition of the newsletter (depending on how news-heavy each month is) and unlike the last batch of the Wiki Newsletters, the newsletter will now be posted directly in the forum post announcing each edition instead of in a separate file.

Now that that’s all out of the way (don’t worry, the usual editions of the newsletter won’t have such long introductions), let’s get to the main wiki news from the last month:

Yogscast Wiki News

Hiatus No More!

As many of you will most likely know, the Wiki Staff team has been in a bit of disarray over the past two months as most of our members, including myself, were on hiatus due to a number of personal reasons, mainly exams and such. It’s key to remember that our roles on the Wiki Staff team are voluntary and as a result, personal matters take priority over Wiki matters for every member of the team, including bureaucrats.

However, I can now confirm that almost every member of the Wiki Staff team has now returned from hiatus and are all willing to make up for the lost time. From here on out, every aspect of the Wiki should now be fully functioning; whether it be the moderating of the wiki in general, regular editing or the management of our external media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and the Steam Community Group). So, you can now be assured that any and all of us on the Wiki Staff team are working to improve the wiki and if you have issues regarding the wiki, then you can simply ask any member of the staff team on our user message walls, post a message on these forums or send us a message through our Facebook or Twitter pages!

Yogscast News

New Yogscast Sub-Reddit Moderators

If you follow the Yogscast’s official Sub-Reddit at all, you might know that in late May, the moderation team of the subreddit opened up to applications for moderator positions in their team. Two weeks and over 120 applications later, 3 new moderators for the team were announced by Leakycauldron: Owleriffic, TroglodyteHomonculus (and I thought my username was a clusterfuck…) and Bigslothonmyface. These 3 now join a 5-person moderation team who regularly watch over the Yogscast subreddit for all sorts of rule breakers, much like this wiki’s Wiki Staff team.

I’d like to congratulate the newest moderators and hope that they are as creative in their roles as they seem to be at creating usernames. (I mean, what kind of a username is Bigslothonmyface or TroglodyteHomonculus? I can’t even say the latter name aloud! Then again, I have ShadowAuraInnes as a username, so I don’t have much ground to stand on.)

“Awkward…”: Turps’ Viral Video

As a non-Game of Thrones fan, it took me a couple of days to understand one of Turps’ last videos of May, simply named: “Awkward…”. The video sees Turps coming out of the cinema after seeing the Warcraft movie before shouting “Hold the door” to someone in order to catch the elevator. What follows is the camera panning to this person who ends up being Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor in Game of Thrones, and Turps awkwardly apologising to Nairn and saying he’ll get the next elevator. No spoilers, of course, but for those who get the reference, this was 20 seconds of awkward brilliance on both Turps and Nairn’s parts.

Over the next few days, however, in a rather unexpected(?) turn of events occurred, the video went hugely viral and was posted by multiple video sharing communities, such as Lad Bible and UNILAD. The very next day, the video had over a million views and ultimately became a bragging right for Turps as he mentioned it multiple times on the Deck Rippers stream the day after he posted the video. Currently, the video has over 3.1 million views and has become the most popular video on Turps’ channel, just above the Live Action video of Diggy Diggy Hole and the first episode of YogTours.

And that is the first edition of the rebooted Yogscast Wiki Newsletter for June 2016!

I’d like to first of all apologise for how late this first edition of the rebooted newsletter series was. I’ll be completely honest here and say that I’ve not been as active as I’d like to be on the Wiki over the past month and as a result, the newsletter wasn’t high on my priority list. I can guarantee you though that the next editions of the newsletter will not be this late as this edition as I am planning to regularly moderate the wiki from here on out.

I’d also like to thank the followers of the Wiki Twitter who showed interest in the return of the Newsletter. To be quite frank, this newsletter series would not have returned at all without all of you showing that you wanted the Newsletter series to return, despite me constantly saying “Oh yeah, I’ll go back to it at some point” etc.

Finally, I’d like to thank all of you who are reading this right now and especially those who have read this whole newsletter from the start. But, I’d also like to ask for your opinions on something: You might have noticed that throughout this edition of the newsletter, I’ve tried to add a bit of a comedic and personal flair to the stories to try and make it more of an interesting read than just a purely factual rundown of the past month’s news. So, if you did notice that, then did that make the newsletter more interesting and/or appealing to read? Would you like future editions of the newsletter to have this sort of flair or would you rather it just be entirely factual instead? Please feel free to let me know in the comments below!

With that all said, that fully concludes this month’s edition of the Yogscast Wiki Newsletter. If you enjoyed it, give this post a Kudos and/or leave a comment below so I’m aware people are actually reading and enjoying this and I’m not throwing an essay’s worth of words into the void. So keep your eyes open for next month’s edition and I’ll see you then!

Happy Wiki-ing Yognau(gh)ts!

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