Yogscast Wiki Newsletter: July 2016 Edition

Hey everyone, and welcome to the July 2016 edition of the Yogscast Wiki Newsletter! As always, these newsletters are written and published by myself, ShadowAuraInnes, one of the Yogscast Wiki’s Bureaucrats.

Before I get to July’s news, I wanted to say thank you to everybody who read and gave feedback on last month’s edition. I’ve made a few changes to not only improve how interesting and fresh each news piece is but also to appeal to non-Yogscast Wiki fans of the newsletter. These changes shouldn’t be too noticeable but should make the newsletter more enjoyable for all Yogscast fans to read from now on!

So with that out of the way, let’s get to this month’s news:

Yogscast News

8 Years of Yogscast

8 years ago this month, specifically on July 9th, the Yogscast Lewis & Simon (formerly known as BlueXephos) YouTube channel was created. That’s right, folks: 8 years ago this month, The Yogscast was born.

Originally intended for World of Warcraft content; ranging from “How To:” videos for raid bosses to preview videos of the Cataclysm expansion, the channel soon grew into multi-game content. Some of the earliest games they played included Final Fantasy 14 (the original, shit version), Fallout: New Vegas and a small but growing indie game by the name of Minecraft…

It was here that the Shadow of Israphel series begun, which skyrocketed the BlueXephos channel to YouTube stardom. Becoming one of the driving forces of Minecraft’s popularity, the channel’s focus shifted to primarily Minecraft content, a focus which stayed true for many years and is still somewhat the same today. After Shadow of Israphel disappeared, the channel moved to modded Minecraft content; covering Tekkit, Voltz and the FTB mod packs. Today, the Yogscast Lewis & Simon channel covers a variety of games, has a huge subscriber base and maintains over 200,000 views on almost every video on the channel!

The Yogscast have been around for over 8 years now, but here’s to many more!

Panda Has Left The Yogscast

If you’re a fan of both the Yogscast and Panda, then you’ll no doubt be sad to hear that earlier this month, Panda made the decision to leave the Yogscast.

On Panda’s video announcing and explaining his departure from the Yogscast, he explained that he had been deliberating leaving the Yogscast for around 2 years or so but had never fully committed to the plan until recently. What partly caused this was the fact that Panda has recently wanted to do videos commentating on YouTube controversies but was scared to do so in case he ended up damaging the Yogscast brand due to the videos and so, finally decided to leave. He suggested that he may go into more in-depth detail as to why he left in the future, but for now, this is all he was publicly saying.

Due to this, Panda will be rebranding his channel back to his own brand of HybridPanda (Get it, because he does a hybrid of content and…he’s a panda? Yeah, I don’t really get the latter part either). Panda mentioned that with this rebrand, he would be returning to putting out a variety of content, including music, montage, comedy and obviously gaming videos.

So with that said, the Wiki Staff team wish Panda good luck with everything beyond the Yogscast and thank him for his time at the Yogscast, mainly for convincing Zylus to dress up in ridiculous outfits during the Christmas livestreams!

Yogscast Wiki News

The Return of Tower12346

Earlier this month, a very exciting update occurred within the Wiki Staff team. One of our inactive staff members, Tower12346 decided that he would like to return to the Wiki Staff team! Tower had been actively editing on the Wiki earlier this month and eventually decided he would like to return to his role of Administrator within the team!

So, from now on, Tower will return to using all of his powers of the roles up to, and including, Administrator. Tower mainly edits Series pages, so if you need any help regarding these types of pages, then feel free to contact Tower or any other member of the Wiki Staff Team. With Tower returning the Staff team, we now have 5 Administrators in the team (OrangeStripes Jr, Noreplyz, Gavalar, Shufflertoxin and Tower12346), making up 10 staff members overall!

Make sure to welcome Tower back in the comments below and if you’d like to learn more about the Wiki Staff team, then click this link for more info.

A New Infobox for Games Pages

If you’re a regular visitor to the Wiki’s Games pages, then you’ll probably have noticed the large update to these pages that has occurred over the last month. If not, then you’re either blind as a bat or…actually, I can’t really think of any other explanation: You’re as blind as a bat if you didn’t notice it.

Either way, this update would be the new Infobox for Games pages, which we hope will be able to provide more information on each game as well as their association with the Yogscast in a more condensed format! For example, you will now be able to quickly see which Yogscast members have played the game as the Yogscast Avatars of each member who has played the game will now be present at the bottom of the template. Also included in this new template is the genre, release date(s), publisher and developer of the game, so you should easily be able to get any key information you desire about any game on the wiki through this template!

Let us know what you think of this template and, if you have any other suggestions, feedback and general comments about anything on the wiki, contact us on our Twitter page (@Yogscast_Wiki) or on any of our Staff Member’s message walls.

And that concludes the July 2016 edition of the Yogscast Wiki Newsletter! If you enjoyed it, give this post a Kudos! If you’d like, you can also leave a comment below, positive or negative, so the Newsletter can be improved for future editions. So with that all said, keep your eyes open for next month’s edition and I’ll see you then!

Happy Wiki-ing Yognau(gh)ts!

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