5 Takeaways From Wrestlemania 33 Weekend

(If it wasn’t obvious, this article contains spoilers for both NXT Takeover: Orlando and Wrestlemania 33. Read at your own risk!)

That spectacular yet certainly tiring time of the year for wrestling fans across the globe has come and gone – Wrestlemania weekend. Whilst the wrestling festivities haven’t exactly ended yet, the primary focus of the weekend – NXT Takeover: Orlando and Wrestlemania have officially past. We’ve seen the debut of the very metal yet seemingly angelic(?) Aleister Black to the continuation of NXT’s ‘Glorious Era’ in Bobby Roode’s successful defence of the NXT title. We also saw the coronation of several new champions, the grand return of the Hardy Boyz to WWE and what seems to be the career end of one of the most iconic wrestlers to ever grace the world of professional wrestling.

But now, we look towards what many (including myself) believe to be an equally fun and unpredictable part of the Wrestlemania madness, the post-Wrestlemania RAW and Smackdown. With last year’s post-Wrestlemania RAW featuring the RAW debuts of Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin and Enzo & Cass, some may think that it’ll be pretty damn hard for WWE to follow up from last year’s cooldown shows. However, there are some key points to be considered from both NXT Takeover: Orlando and Wrestlemania itself that must be kept in mind as we head into the post-Wrestlemania RAW and Smackdown:

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